musical storyteller, tech influencer + social entrepreneur 



I like making products, tools and art across digital and physical spaces. I use turntables and microcontrollers as platforms for connecting threads about our lives. That's right, music and technology to tell stories.

I’m a resident fellow at BuzzFeed’s Open Lab for Art, Journalism and Technology. I spend most of my time researching and prototyping at the intersection of fashion and the Internet of Things (IoT).

My recent work heavily explores themes of surveillance and digital privacy. What I’ve learned is whether I’m designing for dance floors, pixels or products - my process remains - research, observation, rapid prototyping, collaboration and user testing methodologies.

I work with startups, artist, educators, non-profits and large companies. I enjoy remixing everyday ideas into new, playful ones then seeing them into manifestation.

For the last decade I’ve spun private events for some of the world’s most prominent brands, tech companies and philanthropic organizations including Macy's, Apple, Cadillac, Almay, Google, Philadelphia Academies and Radio One.

For over five years I worked along-side the most respected design institution in the world, Apple. Together, with some of the most talented engineers I’ve ever met, we shipped copious devices, wearables and software deployments.

My mission is to merge my passions and talents to create tools and spaces that educate, empower and entertain others. Sometimes that means creating open-source, wearable tools for storytelling and other times that means curating jams for a packed dance floor.

I thrive on collaboration and I can build, develop and fabricate almost anything. My latest project, Muvaboard, will be launching this fall. Join my mailing list to be the first to learn about what I'm up to.

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