Jamica El

Vol №015

Jamica El
Vol №015

My goodness, I’m back!

If you hadn’t noticed I’ve been playing catch up for a few weeks. One of these days I plan on sharing my process and workflow for creating these playlist. I finally wrote about my playlist process! It may not seem like it but it gets hella tedious! And while I’ve been delivering the playlist to your inbox, I’ve been a little behind in posting, here, on the site.

Anyhow, we are celebrating Volume Fifteen! I’m so proud of us for making it this far. And by “us”, I mean me and YOU. It’s taken some work on my part but you’ve certainly hung in there with me, too. I mean, let’s face it… there’s no way each of you will love every single volume. You haven’t unsubscribed… you’ve been supporting me along the way with encouraging messages. Some of you have even shared with friends. So thank you for making it this far!

On my end I have no idea how I find time to do this. It’s honestly just the love of creativity and something embedded deep within that makes me fearful of nothing coming through on my word. Even if it means being up super late or waking up at 4am to finish up and press the send button.

Anyhow, I’m back this week with a tribute to the love of my life. My boyfriend and life partner, Drew. I met this dude nearly six years ago, now, at a CVS in Philly. Yeah, that’s a story for another time. Anyhow, here we are in Oakland together with a son, all do this life thing together. It’s a beautiful thing, honestly. Most days he makes it super easy and I don’t ever have to search my human database to find reasons why we are together. He supports me, sees me, and compliments the woman I am striving to be.

Well, he asked for a samples playlist for his birthday and I just figured… fuck it… it’s gonna be everybody’s birthday, then. So here’s a taste of the old and the new. I truly hope you enjoy.

Lastly (which probably should have been first but I’m still working on self-promotion), I have launched my Patreon campaign! Patreon is a reward-based platform used to support creatives. Think, a monthly Kickstarter for artists! So yeah, I’ve launched and I want you to know two things:

  1. Here it is!

  2. If you like this week’s playlist you’ll love Tier 2 of my Patreon! The tier gets you access to a playlist full of samples vs. originals that’s updated monthly.

Ok, hope all that makes up for the weeks of skipping posts. Haha!

All xxx,


p.s. Another Playlist Delta - Couldn’t seem to find Dre’s The Chronic album on Spotify, so I left off Nuthin But A G Thang and the song it sampled.