Jamica El

Vol №004

Jamica El
Vol №004

Yo, I finally feel like I’m in a flow…

This week’s playlist is all about concentration. Because, honestly, with so much information, advertisement and media being thrown our way it’s hard to feel like you’re able to sit down and concentrate on the task at hand.

My son turned 7 months last week. Until now, the only thing I was able to become used to was change. It seemed like every time I got the hang of something, figured out a hack, or had an ‘aha’ moment… things would change again.

I’m used to change - I moved around a lot as a child, I moved around a lot as an adult, I’ve held a serious number of jobs - but nothing is like the change of becoming someone’s primary caretaker. So finally, after 7 months of doing this crazy dance I feel like I’ve finally hit a couple of really good weeks.

What does that mean? I feel like I’ve been able to balance motherhood, adulthood and self-care. What does that mean? It means I’ve checked off things on all those to do list without feeling like I’ve neglected one of them. And now I’m excited for a much needed trip Virginia to connect with loved ones and (in some cases, introduce them to) my son.

Honestly, I think this weekly playlist has helped me accomplish that sense of balance. Don’t get me wrong, some weeks it’s been overwhelming to come up with themes, figure out my workflow, and to simply deliver. But, all-in-all, my promise to share this creative endeavor has helped me stay accountable to myself and that’s helped in so many other ways, too.

This week’s playlist is a collection of mostly instrumental music. My hope is that it helps you concentrate on a single task through completion. The challenge in making the playlist is to give you vibes to focus without putting you to sleep. I think I’ve accomplished that. So… Maybe you’ve been procrastinating on a chore or a project that requires focus. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to write something or develop something? Maybe you have a tedious piece of art to create? Maybe you have a boring chore at work that needs to get finished? Well, press play and get it crackin’! Let me know how it goes.

I hope you enjoy!



p.s. Please note there is a single song differential between the Apple Music and Spotify playlist. The delta is Dotmatic’s “One Like Yoooo” from the album Lullabies for Summer which is missing from the Spotify Playlist.