I thrive on collaboration and I can build, develop and curate almost anything. Let’s explore ways to work together!
— @afrodjiak


Physical Computing– Interaction design embedding microcontrollers, sensors and effectors into art and prototypes. 

Digital Fabrication – 3D printing, lasercutting, etc.

Teaching - Sharing the beautiful arts of microcontrollers, sensor data and processing.

Consulting – Add value to brands and products to enhance experiences.

Storytelling + Content – Visual, aural and written stories for deeper connections on varied platforms (VR, film, etc.).

Speaking – Authentic voice and perspective on a wide range of topics in order to inspire, educate and motivate.

music | Aural

Deejay – Set the background color for the main content area.

Sonic branding – Control the font options for the body font.

Digital Soundscapes – Set the color for the body font.

Audiobook/Voiceover – Set the color of links in the main content area.

Storytelling + Content – Control the font options for the meta info font.


Concept Generation - Key Characteristics List, Manufacturability and Life Cycle Report, Concept Comparison Matrix

Product Definition - Feature Definition, Feature Block Diagram, Behavior Definition

Engineering Architecture - Engineering Specification, Engineering Block Diagram, Behavioral Logic and User Interface Structure, Major Signal List, Major Components Bill of Materials



Implementation - Design Calculation, Schematic, Layout, Firmware Implementation, Signal Specification, Cable Definition, Full Bill of Materials

Manufacturing Management and Bring Up - Sourcing, Build Management, Firmware and Hardware Change List, Assembly Documentation

Testing - Sequence Testing, Edge Case Testing, Feature Change List, Manuals