What I’m doing now

This page is all about what I’m doing right now.

Like, your bio is one thing, but you might be on some new ish. And if you’re like me… you stay on some new isht!

So this page is derived from the Now Movement which is all about prioritizing your current work so you know what to say YES to. It also helps others understand how to connect and collaborate with you.

Working On:


  • Outer Space-Themed 1st Birthday Party for my Son! I can’t believe my child is about to hit the one year mark! I think we are celebrating proportionately. Knowing that he won’t remember any of it is helps keep things in check. However, I must also so say, we are super excited and huge, nerdy kids at heart so we’re also gonna have just say EFF it and have some fun!

  • Caring for plants! I have a green-ish thumb but I can be very forgetful. I think caring for other beings helps us be better people and better care for ourselves. So I’m working on little living room jungle! My partner doesn’t hate it.

  • Reparenting inner child. I know this sounds deep but it really isn’t. I’ve been identifying trauma and admitting that I’ve experienced it. I’ve been allowing myself to remember instead of suppressing, dealing with what comes up, and trying to forgive in order to heal.

  • Child care! I’ve been the primary caretaker for my son since his birth. It’s been both fun and challenging. He’s awesome and I love spending time with him. The older he’s gotten, however, the more clear it has become that we pay caretakers for a reason! And, I don’t do this for a living (not before he was born, anyway). He deserves someone who can provide their undivided attention, educate him and support his development in all ways. I can supplement that but I am not the person to do that full-time as he heads into this next year. Having said that we are actively seeking someone to come in and teach our child on a part-time basis. Please holla if you know someone in Oakland who may be a good fit!


  • A Vibe Called Yes! This has been my main baby for the last few months. At about six months postpartum I found the need to identify a regular creative process. Another benefit is nurturing an email list I’ve been building from many walks of life over the years. People seem to really dig it and I’ve pretty much gotten my process down. Sometimes it feels a bit overwhelming but I really enjoy it. You can sign up here and support here! Oh, and I just launched a pop-up component - A Vibe Called Yesterday! Next, I’ll be launching affordable ad space in the newsletter and Instagram page.

  • Just finished recording another season of Game of Thrones reviews on A Podcast Has No Name with three of my favorite people. You should give a listen we are a little crazy and a lot like your arguing-ass relatives.

  • I’ve been trying to streamline my client process - intake, delivery of work and feedback processes do not exist in my world. I want to formalize and streamline each so I can actually measure my success with clients, stay organized and save time! This mostly pertains to DJ clients but essentially is true of anyone I’m providing services for.

  • Content creation, event production, and social media strategy/management. Basically, I started looking for a part time job and couldn’t find anything I was actually excited about. I ran into an opportunity with a local boutique owner and we hit the ground running! I’m slowing going to start taking on additional clients. So far, I’m loving the work and the clients. My main challenge is balancing my work with my son’s needs throughout the day. I am able to work at night when he’s asleep but sometimes after taking care of him all day, I’m exhausted by the time he gets to sleep.

  • Pop-ups! I’ve always thought pop-ups were super cool and now I’m planning and executing my own. We did a pop-up at Boutique Market for A Vibe Called Yes back in April. It was super successful and beautiful. Now, I’m working on tech-related pop-ups in the fall. More to come on this later!

  • Multi-hyphenated content! When I was pregnant I began working on a course for slashies like myself. Sometimes having so many skills/trades/hobbies/mediums/streams can feel overwhelming and make you feel scattered. I developed a method for branding your multi-hyphenated self and I want to get back to sharing that with other creative entrepreneurs! I’m hoping to attract a collaborator and get back to my plans of launching these resources.

  • Blogging! - I’ve decided to start blogging here. I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to be a blogger and have held myself back for so many silly reasons.


  • Black motherhood content. Do a search for black motherhood on Google, YouTube and your preferred search engines. Yup, enough said. A lot of imagery exists but not nearly enough point of view. I’m hoping to shift that.

  • Twitter & LinkedIn - These desperately need updating! I’m verified on Twitter and rarely tweet. It just seems like such a waste of those stupid checkmarks. I wanna take advantage. With LinkedIn, the platform has grown so much that it’s somewhere I can really see myself expanding as a professional creative entrepreneur. Again, advantage needs to be taken.

  • Focus heavily on creating passive income. Sleep coin! That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

  • Create digital products, sell physical products - I’ve started selling physical products so I’m a little ahead of schedule and proud of that. The next step is to MAKE time to create digital products and resources to help other creatives. I think this is my actual calling and I don’t want to ignore this.

  • Create physical products, sell digital products - When I’m done with my Neon course I’m hoping I’ll be in a better position to start creating and selling actual art. This is another dream of mine! Totally looking forward to it.

  • By the time 2020 rolls around I’d like to have a shop full of items that are physical and digital as well as profit from the services I offer such as DJing and social media management. There you go universe! Let’s manifest that!


  • Black Like Me

  • The Autobiography of Assata Shakur

  • Bringing up Bebe

  • Please, Baby Please ;-)


  • Social Media Marketing + Content Creation + Brand Story/Building

  • Neon sign-making

  • Digital and Analog Collage making

  • Pattern design

6 - 12 months in review:

  • For the last year I’ve navigated full time motherhood and entrepreneurship

  • Launched a successful campaign with Github

  • Taken Neon I & Neon II (with a full scholarship for Neon II!)

  • Obtained a new client in a new-ish industry

  • Outlined & LLC’d Muvaboard, found a dope partner and have been working regularly on this

  • Launched a weekly newsletter & with a 20% open-rate and a live experience

  • DJ’d 3 Facebook events

  • Introduced and onboarded an assistant/manager for DJ business

  • DJ’d an event 1 month on average

  • Traveled to Virginia and back solo with baby!


  • June, Sequoia National Park

  • September, Cartagena

Last Updated: 

June 12, 2019 from Oakland, CA