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Here are a few mixes and curated playlist to help you get a vibe for my selection style. I generally play uptempo, cross-genre mixes and would be happy to curate something specific to your event.

A Vibe Called Yes - 2019

(weekly curated playlists)

Sound Traveler Series #24 - 2017

A Tribute to Questlove - 2014

Guilty Pleasures Party - 2017

Brunch Jawn (Promo Mix) - 2016


Airbnb | Github | Puma

Apple | Facebook + Instagram | Google

Wawa | Almay | Cadillac

Macy’s | Root’s Picnic | BuzzFeed

Creative Mornings


Also known by her handle, afroDJiak, Jamica El believes in the power of music and technology to tell stories.

Over the last decade, Jamica has curated DJ sets at events for Facebook, Apple, Google, Macy’s, Cadillac, Almay, and Radio One (to name a few).

In her five years at Apple, she worked with designers and engineers to ship mobile devices, wearables, and software. Later she spent a year prototyping embedded, wearable cameras at BuzzFeed. Whether she’s designing for dance floors, pixels, or products, her process remains the same: research, observe, quickly prototype, collaborate, and test.

A new mother, when she’s not spinning, prototyping, or collaborating, Jamica loves talking about black cultural production, spending time with her new family and cooking global comfort food. Sometimes even at the same time.

Twitter & Instagram: @afrodjiak // Photo - Jarami Bond