I thrive on collaboration and I can build, develop and curate almost anything. Let’s explore ways to work together!

Request For Interest (RFI)

I just finished up a year of experimentation as a fellow at BuzzFeed’s Open Lab for Journalism, Technology and the Arts. Let’s work together! 

For the better part of the past year I’ve been prototyping wearable, embedded cameras. Before that, I was an Engineering Project Manager and Quality Assurance tester at Apple. I also play records for dance floors and events all across the globe. 

Why you should hire me

Experimentation is my jam!

My work thrives at the intersection of play and human systems. How can we engage audiences and bring them together for a memorable activation? 

I’m captivated by parallel innovation.

The idea of simultaneously bringing up two products for mutual benefit is attractive, especially if one of the product uses is that of social good. How can we inject play, profit and impact into your next project? 

I have interdisciplinary interest.

I’m a neo-polymath and use my spectrum of knowledge to connect the dots within a set of solutions. I believe there are many ways to solve a problem so together we can look at a wide range of fixes and determine the best fit. 

I’m a very direct communicator

Don’t spend time anywhere around the bridge - let’s just walk over it together. I value directness and utilize tools that make client communication easy and efficient.

I use fresh eyes to see new problems. 

I don’t get stuck in the for loop of common wisdom. Some call the color "green", I call it yellow + blue. I like taking a step back to see what is presumed and what can use a fresh perspective.

I’m able to make complex ideas consumable.

I use plain language and metaphors to communicate complex ideas so you don't have to figure out what I'm talking about. I benefit the same way when you talk about your industry. Ultimately, we learn from one another. Let’s talk about your needs!

Ways we can work together

Hardware Prototypes

AI + Bots

Virtual Reality

A Tech Twist

Tech Activations

Gaming Systems + Channels of Communication

Reach Out!

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Hard Skills

Hard Skills are a boring but necessary means for you to understand the breadth of my work. Just promise me you won't limit my skills nor interest to the list below. If you think we can work together, then please reach out!


Haute Couture Collaboration - Specialty Fashion IoT design prototype collaboration

Physical Computing– Interaction design embedding microcontrollers, sensors and effectors into art and prototypes. 

Digital Fabrication – 3D printing, lasercutting, etc.

Teaching - Sharing the beautiful arts of microcontrollers, sensor data and processing.

Consulting – Add value to brands and products to enhance experiences.

Storytelling + Content – Visual, aural and written stories for deeper connections on varied platforms (VR, film, etc.).

Speaking – Authentic voice and perspective on a wide range of topics in order to inspire, educate and motivate.

music | Aural

Deejay – The live soundscape to your public or private event. Specializing in nightclubs, day parties and weddings.

Sonic branding – Your brand has a sound. Let me help you discover it. Studies show that spaces with better music benefit from increased customer spending. Don't just choose any playlist. Let me design your company's sonic branding.

Digital Soundscapes – Art exhibit? Interactive gallery? TV or film soundtrack? If your art piece needs music allow me to apply my encyclopedia of music knowledge.

Audiobook/Voiceover – I have a rather pleasant reading voice. Allow me to be the voice of your brand.

Storytelling + Content – Visual, aural and written stories for deeper connections on varied platforms (playlist, mix, music videos, etc.).


Concept Generation - Key Characteristics List

Product Definition - Feature Definition, Block Diagram & Behavior Definition

Engineering Architecture - Engineering Specification, Behavioral Logic and User Interface Structure, Major Signal List & Major Components Bill of Materials

Implementation - Schematic, Layout, Firmware Implementation, Signal Specification, Cable Definition & Full Bill of Materials

Hardware Bring Up - Sourcing, Build Management, Firmware and Hardware Change List & Assembly Documentation

Testing - Quality Assurance, Sequence Testing, Testing Matrix, Feature Change List, Manuals/Instructionals