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Brace yourself as I Type in third person…

Also known by her handle, afroDJiak, Jamica El believes in the power of music and technology to tell stories. A multi-hyphenate who is part engineer, part storyteller, part curator, Jamica works with startups, artists, educators, non-profits, and larger companies to remix everyday ideas.

A former resident fellow at BuzzFeed’s Open Lab for Art, Journalism, and Technology, Jamica spends most of her time researching and prototyping at the intersection of fashion and technology. Her work involves exploring themes of surveillance and digital property.

Over the last decade, Jamica has curated music for the likes of Macy’s, Cadillac, Almay, Google, and Radio One. In her five years at Apple, she worked with designers and engineers to ship mobile devices, wearables, and software. Whether she’s designing for dance floors, pixels, or products, her process remains the same: research, observe, quickly prototype, collaborate, and test.

When she’s not spinning, prototyping, or collaborating, Jamica loves talking about black cultural production, spending time with her new family and cooking global comfort food. Sometimes even at the same time.

Twitter & Instagram: @afrodjiak

Photos by Jarami Bond