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What the world is an “afrodjiak”?

AfroDJiak is a DJ moniker I started using in the 00’s. But, my mama calls me Jamica.

I came up during a time where our elders told us to stick with one thing. Well, I’m SO glad I didn’t listen!

I’m a multi-hyphenate who is part DJ, part technologist, part designer, and part educator.

I love to share my knowledge and opinions on pop culture, black culture, entrepreneurship and the tech industry’s sad attempt at diversity.

One time (at BuzzFeed Camp) I spent a year embedding cameras in accessories to promote citizen surveillance. At another, I deejayed for a major radio station and was named a Creative Ambassador to a city I hold dear to my heart. And, in another-nother life, I worked with designers and engineers to help ship copious amounts of mobile devices, wearables and software at Apple.

These days I am:

  • Fully embracing that slashie life and hoping to help others do the same!

  • Falling in love with Instagram (again) and helping small businesses tell their story there.

  • Working from home with my baby boy who is gearing up for his first birthday!

  • And, building something that I named, A Vibe Called Yes, while also DJing, and learning new art skills.

I’m active in my Instagram stories. Contact me to book services or commission work.

Twitter & Instagram: @afrodjiak

Photos by Jarami Bond